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Goat Corals

WYSIWYG GC Janis Joplin Favities 09B1

WYSIWYG GC Janis Joplin Favities 09B1

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Getting psychedelic here...

This color combination is unusual for this particular coral variety. It gives me the sensation of being transported to the Haight-Ashbury streets of the 1960s, alongside individuals like Jimmy, Jerry, and Janis.

This is a pretty color combination that glows in blues, but holds up pretty well in whites.  It's not too discriminate with light and flow, and it's pretty good grower.  Like this one, the favities species are usually encrusting corals.   

I believe this coral is also called the Scorpion King Favia (note the red ring color), but the farmer I purchased it from could not validate the lineage.

Light Medium

Flow Medium

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