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Goat Corals

WYSIWYG Red Sea Pulsating Xenia 04D1

WYSIWYG Red Sea Pulsating Xenia 04D1

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The Red Sea Pulsating Xenia typically forms soft, branching colonies with small polyps. What sets this coral apart is its distinctive rhythmic pulsation, as the polyps rhythmically open and close, creating a mesmerizing visual effect in the aquarium. If the polyps are not pulsating, it usually means it's getting too much flow. It is generally a good idea to put this coral on its own rock because it can spread. If a polyp ends up somewhere you don't want it, consider putting coral putty on top of the rouge polyp and remove the putty a few weeks later.

You will receive this exact frag.

Light:  Medium

Flow: Low

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