About Us

About Us

Goat Corals, situated in Indianapolis, IN, operates as a coral reef aquaculture business in its 1400 square foot facility.  Our main focus lies in propagating and providing superior aquacultured corals to reef aquarists, all while minimizing any negative impact on natural reefs.

For numerous individuals, maintaining a reef aquarium has become a thriving passion. It grants us the privilege of witnessing a plethora of exquisite life forms right in the comfort of our homes, an experience others can only imagine. Nowhere else on the planet can you encounter such a diverse and vibrant assortment of shapes and colors as on a coral reef. For many, a reef aquarium becomes a window into an underwater world they may never have the opportunity to witness in person.

At Goat Corals, our ultimate objective is to provide access to the highest quality corals for those who yearn to be a part of that mesmerizing world without causing harm to it. We aim to instill a profound appreciation for natural reefs and foster a self-sustaining hobby that no longer relies on the collection of fish and corals. Our coral offerings are available locally through appointments and online via this website.

What does the Goat stand for?  Do you have Goats?

Nope, we like goats but we don’t have any.  It isn’t about claiming that we’re the “greatest of all time” aquarists.  We are not.  The goat name is really about the corals.  In the world of coral hobbyists, there's a constant quest for discovering the latest and most sought-after corals. However, amidst this pursuit, we also recognize the importance of preserving the timeless classics—those lineages that have proven their resilience over time. Our dedication lies in ensuring these exceptional and classic corals continue to thrive, allowing both new and experienced aquarists to fully appreciate their beauty.

While we eagerly embrace new additions, we are equally committed to cultivating the greatest of all time, regardless of whether they are currently trending or not. Our passion for coral farming extends beyond just the latest trends, as we believe in the enduring value of these exceptional specimens.

About the founder

Jim Humphrey is a dedicated reef aquarium enthusiast with a fervent passion for corals. He may have a slight inclination towards coral hoarding, which eventually led to the establishment of his very own coral farm. Around a decade ago, Jim had an impressive collection of display tanks in his basement. To support his beloved hobby and make room for more growth, he began selling some of the corals to fellow hobbyists at coral frag swaps.

As time went on, Jim's involvement grew, and he transitioned from being a hobbyist participant to becoming a full-fledged vendor. In 2018, he officially founded "Goat Corals." Subsequently, after relocating back to his hometown in Indianapolis in 2020, he decided to take his business to new heights. A farm was built to serve as the central hub for his coral endeavors.

While Jim still enjoys attending and selling at frag swaps, his primary focus now revolves around sharing his impressive array of corals through the online space, expanding his reach to coral enthusiasts nationwide.

Before embarking on his coral venture, Jim had an extensive corporate career spanning three decades. He holds an MBA from Purdue and possesses a certificate in financial planning, His chief interests include family, Big Ten sports, economics, and investment management.