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Goat Corals

WYSIWYG Cherry Corals Rising Sun Bernardpora 16C4

WYSIWYG Cherry Corals Rising Sun Bernardpora 16C4

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Bernardpora are closely related to and similar to flowerpot corals Goniopora, but they are hardier and much easier to keep in home aquariums. They have smaller, shorter polyps and encrust on rock.

Interestingly, their polyps sometimes extend their tentacles on an individual basis.  Warning, they will sting Goniopora, so give them a little room.  Sometimes as they mature, they actually grow much longer tentacles making them indistinguishable from Goniopora.  

This one has red polyps with a bright yellow mouth.

Recommendation:  Buy aquacultured Gonis.  Wild varieties often wash out. 

You will receive this exact coral.  

Light Medium

Flow Low/Medium

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